Thursday, June 15, 2017

Road Trip!!!!

Since 2014, we've tried to make an effort to travel to Ohio
to visit with my family.
My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's several years ago,
and has had a stroke, 7 stents inserted into his heart,
and lost the vision on the left sides of both eyes.
His health continues to decline and his mobility continues to be a challenge.
We don't know how much time we have left with him,
so it's at the top of my priority list to visit them as often
as we can possibly afford and time allows.
My husband can't get the time off needed for such a trip,
nor am I up to travelling with 6 kids by myself.
The cost involved with renting a vehicle large enough, 
and hotel stays every night just makes a trip like that financially prohibitive.
But I CAN take 3 kids, so I do what I CAN!!
The children understand the situation and know that we
rotate the three who can go every year, 
so though there is minor sadness that this might not
be THEIR year, they know that next year WILL be!!

The morning after the last day of school, I picked up
our rental car, started loading up, and we were off
bright and early Sunday morning.
Traffic is a complete non-issue on that day and we had smooth sailing
for 11 hours to our overnight stop in Illinois!!
On Memorial Day, we were up and on the road again
and saw some wonderful things along the way!!

Effingham, Illinois

Just east of Indianapolis, Indiana

This was the first year I had ever noticed this spectacular wind turbine farm
that popped up just inside the Ohio line in Northwest Ohio.
When I asked some of my family and friends about it,
no one seemed to know a thing about it.
So I did some research and it is amazing!!!!

Read about it here.

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