Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Centurion 2017

Back in December, the plans were laid for this year's Easter drama
at our church!
It was an honor to once again have the opportunity to direct an amazing story!

I began praying for cast members and a clear vision
for how it all needed to come together.

Some people were happy to reprise their roles from our last performance three years ago.
Others were in a different stage of their lives and could not.

God filled our cast list.

We started meeting every Tuesday evening for rehearsals.

Phone calls and multiple meetings with a new stage manager.
Costumes chosen and rented.

Our entire family played a part.

Months of planning, work, details.
But it all came together in one glorious evening of worship
as we recounted the power found in encountering our Risen Savior!!

{This is Henry.
  The service dog of our stage manager. 
 You better believe
I saw the Lord's hand in leading this incredibly talented lady to us!! 
She doesn't let her Type 1 Diabetes keep her from serving the Lord!
Henry is her faithful companion and patiently stayed at her side throughout
every rehearsal and performance!}


To God be the glory.
We know of at least 2 precious souls who came to accept Christ
as their Savior as a result of seeing this story!!
Great things HE hath done!!!

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