Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Patch the Pirate Comes to Town

A couple weeks before Mother's Day, our church had the distinct privilege
of hosting one of three annual Majesty MusiColleges held across
the United States by Ron and Shelly Hamilton and their team.
What a blessing to be reacquainted with their music and testimonies
and to hear what God has done in their personal lives over the last several years. 

This is a two day conference held on Thursday and Friday with a glorious choir concert
open to the public on Friday evening.
What a thrill to be able to participate in that!
The last MusiCollege I was able to attend was over 20 years ago
(in my former [unmarried] life) when I was living in New Hampshire,
and I remember what an incredible experience it was then!
This was the first time that a MusiCollege was ever held in the 
great state of Texas!!!

On Saturday was the Patch the Pirate LIVE! show!
Aryn got to participate in that and what fun she had!!!

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