Saturday, May 20, 2017

Advanced Foods: Guest Teacher for Central and South America

Our very last guest teacher of the year for my Advanced Foods class
came to us representing Central and South America.
This lovely gentleman was born and raised deep in the heart of Mexico,
but has traveled extensively into both Central and South America
on different mission trips reaching people for Christ.
He shared many wonderful facts about the history of these cultures
and the influences on the foods enjoyed in these cultures.
We learned that the economy, agriculture, and geography of each country
heavily dictates the food available to them.
He gave us recipes for his world famous Mexican rice as well as
for migas (this is a scrambled egg dish with fried corn tortillas in it.)
His wife demonstrated how to prepare corn tortillas by warming/frying them
 quickly before serving. 
Finally, we tasted some lovely treats from his home country to round 
out our class!!

Thank you, Dr. Paco and Mrs. Lesa Guerrero for being such 
a blessing to my class!!!
We loved everything you prepared for us!!!

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