Friday, May 12, 2017

Advanced Foods Class: Making our own Central and South American Dishes

A funny thing happened when it came time for my students to pick
their own Central or South American dishes.
Without conferring among themselves,
we ended up with a dessert sampler plate that morning.
Two of my students made the exact same dish!!
The other interesting coincidence was that each dish they made
had sweetened condensed milk in it!!

The first dish that two of my students made is called Brigadeiro!!
Absolutely delish!!!
A little tricky to make and it was fun hearing both girls recounting
their similar adventure in creating this dish!!
Read more about it here!

This Tres Leches cake was moist and delicious!!

The tartness of this Brazilian "lemonade" knocked our socks off.
Also made with sweetened condensed milk, this beverage
got its refreshing flavor from fresh lime juice.
A taste sensation!!!

What a fun morning full of surprises from our friends living way south of our borders!!

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