Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Advanced Foods Class: Cooking our own European and Asian Food!

My students and I finally got our turn to try some European or Asian recipes
and what fun we had experimenting.
I steamed the vegetarian buns I purchased at the Korean market
and we decided these were not our favorite.

We all loved the crunchy Korean (or maybe Chinese?) snacks
that were crunchy honey-flavored delights!!
Similar to Bugles only sweeter.

We sampled a delicious apple cinnamon filled crepe.
Ashlyn made a fabulous stir fried beef with snow peas that ended up being the
class favorite.
Somehow, I failed to get a picture of that?

Our final dish was a french inspired marinated chicken breast with
purple cabbage.
She also made an amazing blackberry upside cake
which I also somehow failed to photograph.

What a sensational way to wrap up our study of the cuisine
of these vast and varied continents!!!

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