Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Advanced Foods Class: Asian Guest Speaker

What a privilege it was to have a brand new friend
come to our Advanced Foods Class and teach us about the
country of her birth.....South Korea!!

She taught us several fun factoids about this country
that we previously were not aware of:

1.) In Korea, knowing your blood type is very important.
Certain personalities are associated with each blood type,
so when you meet a potential life-mate one of the first
questions you ask is their blood type!!

2.)  Eating seaweed soup on your birthday is traditional.
Seaweed soup is full of health benefits and it's a great way
to begin a new year of life.  It's also very common to eat this dish after
giving birth because of it's detoxing properties and nutrition!!
Read more about that here!

3.)  You are not likely to have cold feet in South Korea because most homes have
heated floors!

This lovely lady prepared two different dishes for us
that exploded with deliciousness!!


This stir-fried dish of transparent noodles (made from sweet potato?!) 
and vegetables had a subtle, delicious flavor.
The beef was tender and we all enjoyed this tremendously.

The second dish she prepared was a traditional Korean ssam (pronounced "sum")!
Read more about that here!
The idea is to start with a leafy green (she used romaine) 
topped with a sesame leaf.
Read about those here!
Then she put a bit of sticky white rice on the leaves.
She made an incredible spicy plum sauce, dipped a small strip
of fried beef in the sauce, and placed that on top of the rice.
Finally, she folded it all up into a small packet and popped
the whole thing into her mouth!!
This struck me as the perfect little lunch that you could customize
with whatever little bits of meats, veggies, and rice you have leftover.
Her plum sauce was exquisite though and really added
a great flavor to this dish.
The sesame leaves were very different and tasted
like roses to me.  Very pungent in an appetizer
and not one that I was immediately won over with!!

Finally, our guest showed us some pieces of her traditional dance
costumes that were really beautiful!
What a wonderful experience this was learning
about a culture very unfamiliar to us!!

Thank you so much Mrs. Heeyah Lanty!!!!

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