Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Teaching Them Diligently: Resurrection Bags/Baskets

This was just so much fun to put together for my kids this year.
Even my oldest ones.
Because who doesn't love chocolate??

Disclaimer:  With all we had going on the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday,
there was just no way I had the time
to create all of these things the day or so before.
I found these free printables months in advance, and purchased each
item several weeks before as I did my regular grocery shopping.
As I had time, I would wrap one element per evening until each item was completed.
That made it a snap to toss them into each bag, assembly line style,
the night before Easter morning.

Rollo candy!!!


Solid chocolate bar!

You can find the link for downloading all of these wonderful free printables
Click on the choice for "Holiday" printables!!

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