Friday, April 21, 2017

Teaching Them Diligently: Holy Week

Several years ago, I was led into studying more about the Lenten season,
Passion Week, and the events leading up to and into both.
What I learned created an urgent desire within my heart
to pass on to my children more than simple traditions
 of a fun holiday in the spring time full of bunnies and pastel eggs
fought over by greedy, spoiled little ones.

How did our culture ever come to trade the beautifully exquisite truths
of Christ exchanging His position for our wretchedness with
Peter Cottontail and spongy Peeps?
For remembering His victory over death and the horror of His crucifixion
for a basket stuffed full of plastic grass, candy, and toys?
His glorious resurrection for a huge chocolate bunny?

I don't want my children confused.
I don't want them to confuse the richness of their spiritual heritage
 with the paltry offerings our society hands them.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm all OVER Spring and the themes related to this beautiful time of year.
But I don't see how I can legitimately mingle the two?

This year, I prepared enough a head of time, to find
a concrete visual that we could incorporate into our family devotions
to prepare our hearts and infuse our minds with
the Scriptures that lead us straight to a full understanding
of the Easter season.

And I'm so glad we did this.
Did we make it through every devotional?
But we made a concerted effort to sit down as a family
as many evenings as time allowed us to read through these
stories, these signs that pointed to our need for a Savior,
and that Christ was the perfect fulfillment of that need.
Most importantly, we remember His resurrection as the culmination
of every prophecy made about Him and by Him,
and that without this event our Christian beliefs have no foundation!!

To read more about this devotional and to download
your own version, go here.

To see ways that we prepared our hearts in the past
 and felt God's great love and mercy toward us
during the weeks before Resurrection Sunday,  
look here and here.

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