Tuesday, April 11, 2017

British Invasion: Advanced Foods Class

We launched our unit on European and Asian food with a bang!!!

I have friends who are church planting missionaries in Great Britain!
Our family has committed to pray for them almost daily, and to do
what we can to encourage them 
and let them know that we support what they are doing
for the Lord in this spiritually dark place!

Imagine how thrilled I was then I learned they were coming back to the states,
to stay with their family in the next big city over from us,
just as we were about to begin this unit!!!
So as they were packing for their flight,
I sent a message asking Ashlie if she would be interested in coming
to our class to discuss British food culture!!

She said, "YES!!"

What an amazing morning this was!!!

Because Great Britain was part of the European Union, they had to switch
all their measurements over to the metric system; therefore, all the recipes
are written in grams and milliliters.
We learned how to use a scale to measure out our ingredients. 

Next, we made two wonderful dishes that are common and very popular in England:
1.)  Banoffe (rhymes with coffee) Pie
2.)  Coronation Chicken

 Banoffe Pie is a caramel/toffee pie with banana topped with fresh
 unsweetened whipped cream topped with shaved chocolate!! 
 Very popular with the locals.

Coronation Chicken is a recipe that was developed to serve at the coronation
of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.  It's made with a mango chutney
and curry powder giving a nod to the Indian culture so prevalent in Great Britain!

Of course, we HAD to learn how to make a proper cup of English tea!!


We finished up this lovely morning by sitting together sipping hot tea,
tasting our sandwiches and pie, and hearing Ashlie's testimony
of how she uses hospitality to reach so many women for Christ
in Great Britain.  She and her husband live in
a community that is very multi-cultural and heavily muslim.
These ladies are often very lonely and isolated and crave the fellowship
of other Moms.  Using hospitality has been a marvelous, Biblical
tool to reach into homes that they might never reach otherwise.

Thank you, Ashlie Gillit, for your graceful presentation and for all the thought
and preparation you put into this!!!
What a blessing it was to us!!!

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