Saturday, April 1, 2017

Advanced Foods Class: Foreign Foods: Africa and the Middle East: A Guest Speaker

In my Advanced Foods class at our little homeschool co-op,
we have finished up the amazing unit on Beginning Cake Decorating.
From here to the end of the school year we are going to focus on foreign foods
with an emphasis on two continents (minus the one we live in and Antarctica)
every three weeks.

The first two areas we focused on were Africa and the Middle East.
I recently met a lady who was born and raised in Nigeria,
and she agreed to come and teach my girls about her culture
and the foods commonly found there.
What an adventure we went on!!!

She printed out information about her native country and described her life there.
She even brought in some of the garments worn for one of her THREE
wedding ceremonies!!!

She made this heavenly Jollof rice and fried plantains at home for us to try,

She brought a recipe for Nigerian Buns that the girls worked on
as a group project and they turned out DELISH!!!

Then, she whipped up some Fufu and pureed okra served with
a Chicken and Tomato Stew!

We all ate this with our fingers and  had never tasted anything like it!!
 What pleasantly surprised at what a taste sensation it was!!
We loved hearing her talk about how everyone in her local community
was like family and they kept an eye on each otherss kids as they
were all outdoors during most of the daylight hours.
"Indoors is for sleeping," she smiled.

In Nigeria, there is tremendous freedom to preach the Gospel anywhere
and it was not uncommon for her to see preachers out on street corners preaching
in the open air.
She went to a "missionary school" where English and Bible were core subjects,
but it was not the place she learned of her need of salvation from sin.
While listening to one of those open air preachers, she realized
the Bible was the Word of God, not simply a textbook, and that she must believe on Jesus
and what He did for her on the cross for her salvation.
What a blessing to hear how God's Word reaches those in such far away places
and to meet a sister (in Christ) that I never knew I had!!!

Thank you so much, Miss Elizabeth!!!!

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