Monday, March 6, 2017

Glimpses of Spring

The calendar may say that Spring is still two weeks away,
but we have noticed it peeking out
since before we turned our calendars to March!
I love the spring season for so many lovely reasons.
The freshness and newness of it all.
The fresh sets of lighter clothes and the packing away of more 
burdensome garb.

The tiny buds swelling up on the ends of branches waiting to
burst open with new life.

The pops of color as flowers begin blooming.

We didn't have a hard winter this year.
Except for two cold, snowy days in January,
we experienced the warmest winter on record here at our house.
We didn't suffer through round after round of snow storms.
We never lost power because of ice.
We didn't even get one bona fide "inclement weather" day off of school.

Still, what refreshment it brings to put away the "old,"
and to watch so many things "become new."
What delight to watch for God's creation to visually illustrate
the "newness of life" that is found in Him!
To be reminded of His great love that provides victory over sin,
beauty for ashes, and that "death is swallowed up in victory!" 

We are thinking about Resurrection Sunday here at our house!
We are thick in rehearsals for a captivating Easter drama at our church
in which my husband and Garrett have speaking parts, and
which I am directing.
This will be performed on Good Friday which will make
Passion Week very busy for us.
It is the same week we have two birthdays and our anniversary as well.
Spring holds exhilarating days for us, and I am thrilled we got a jump start on it this year!!

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