Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day Recap

I love Valentine's Day.
Yes, I know the history behind it.
Yes, I'm totally aware that we can say "I love you" every other day
of the year and in a thousand different ways.
I just love all the pink, and hearts, and chocolate,
and cupcakes, and making the day full of surprises
for my children and hubby.
It's just FUN and sweet!!

First, I sent these little appreciation gifts to our teachers at our homeschool program!
They were super easy and fun to put together!

Abby made the treats from our family to her friends which was such 
a big help to Mama!

Next, because our mornings tend to be so busy and rushed,
I set this all up for lunch!

This cuteness came home with my one of my children filled with sweet tart rolls!!
So fun!!

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