Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When God Sees What I Cannot: When life gets you sidetracked

So this happened to me over the weekend.

Here's a little of the backstory:
On Saturday,  I took my youngest daughter out for the afternoon, 
with two of her little friends,
to celebrate her 9th birthday.
We had a grand 'ol time!!
While we were out and about, I got a text from my mother-in-law,
asking if our family could come over and have supper with her.
I thought through where we were in our activities,
and where we still needed to go,
but assured her we could join her although it would be a bit later
than we normally have dinner.
Upon completing our list of fun, I started out on the hour-long journey
of returning both friends to their respective homes
on opposite ends of the county.
Unexpectedly, I realized I was going to be chased by a nasty looking storm.
My 3rd daughter called me from home and asked where I was
because she needed to know what to do if the storm got scary.
I assured her it wasn't going to be dangerous and that I would be home
relatively soon, but that she and her brother with her could go
down to the neighbors house if they got scared.
I arrived at our final destination with time on my side.
After talking for awhile with the Dad, he mentioned he had
dropped of his truck in our town earlier in the day
and that at some point they would be needing it.
Since his truck was in a lot that I would be passing on my way home,
I offered to drop him off.
He went in to get his kids situated, and I let my husband know
that I would be making a quick stop before getting home
but would be there soon so we could go to dinner that was waiting 20 minutes
away at my mother-in-law's house.
The Dad jumped in my van and we were off.
I've only been to this home a couple times and as I was backing out,
my mind said, "I think this driveway has a slight curve to it."

That was the exact moment I drove our van off the edge of their driveway.
He jumped out and ran to the rear and knew immediately that my axle was sitting
right on the concrete and the wheel was spinning freely in mid-air.

I jumped out humiliated and the anxiety kicked right in.
I knew everyone was waiting at my house 20 minutes away very hungry.
My Mother-in-law was waiting with a fully prepared meal at her house.
And I had just backed my vehicle over a ledge.
And remember that storm that was chasing me?
Well, it had caught up and was starting to toss some 
raindrops on us with the lightning flashing
When the Dad said we were going to need a wrecker, I knew this was going to ruin
our entire evening.

"....I am with thee,
and I will keep thee in all places whither thou goest...."
Genesis 28:15

what neither of us knew....
Also at the exact moment I was backing out.....
the Dad's neighbor had brought his pudgy dog outside for a walk.
He observed everything as it happened.
He calmly walked over, assessed the situation, and said to the Dad,
"Hey, I have a floor jack. I think we can fix this ourselves."

In the meantime, I wasn't hearing this but had made a phone call
to my husband to let him know what was going on.

"....I am with thee,
and I will keep thee in all places whither thou goest...."
Genesis 28:15

Within TEN minutes, I was back on the road!!!!
He brought his jack over.
The guys jacked up my van, used 4 x 6's as levers, and simply
pushed my van back over onto the concrete!!!

That, my friends, was God!!
HE knew what was going to happen as I obliviously backed out
that driveway.
HE orchestrated that neighbor's time to have him walking outside
just as this happened.
GOD had this planned to have a calm, competent man with a plan
and the tools to help to just walk up to us as we needed it.
I ran over to him and hugged this complete stranger and thanked
him for being an angel of the Lord to help me when I 
didn't even know I was going to need the help!!

I'm just so grateful today that I serve a Heavenly Father
who I can trust.
I can trust that He is ever-present.
He is watching over my every move.
I am in His care, and He has everything planned out for me
even when I don't have the ability to see what's ahead (or behind!)
What do those do who don't have such a God 
to be present with them?

"....I am with thee,
and I will keep thee in all places whither thou goest...."
Genesis 28:15

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