Friday, January 6, 2017

What a find!! Completing a Christmas China Collection

So, I have a confession to make.
I do have this thing for pretty china.
A well-set table speaks to a different age,
a slowing down,
an appreciation for order and graciousness.

A few days after Christmas, I began thinking about condensing
down the decorations we've collected over the last two decades
and what could be thrown away versus what I should
keep to pass along to my children for their future homes.
My mind wandered to the small stack of Christmas tableware that I have had
sitting in our attic for many years,
but have rarely been able to use.

During the Christmas season of 1995, I was anticipating my impending
wedding in the spring and looking forward to my first
Christmas as a wife.
I had been gifted some money by my grandmother,
so I purchased a 4-piece place setting for 4 people of this
Christmas china.
I used it the first few years we were married,
but as we added more children it didn't seem practical
and I knew I would be heartbroken if any of the pieces were broken.
So it sat stored away for many years.

This year, on a whim, armed with some Christmas gift money,
I perused Craigslist to see if, by chance, anyone local was parting with
their Christmas China in this pattern.
Low and behold!!!
Not far from us, a family was selling a complete 5-piece place setting for 8!!
Complete with serving pieces, soup bowls, and beverage service!
For only $20!!
I could NOT believe it!!

I contacted the owner and it was still available.
Then, we were able to make arrangements to meet them halfway
between our home and theirs while they were
on an already scheduled trip to this side of town anyway!!!!!

What a blessing to me!!
I was then able to purchase storage covers for every single piece I own 
to protect it and keep it nice for future years!!

This experience reminded me of a beautiful scripture that describes
our Heavenly Father:

"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your Father in the heavens give good things
to those who ask Him!"
Matthew 7:11

I can't wait to share this "good gift" with my family and friends
in the coming years!!

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