Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Rare Weather Phenomenon We Caught on Camera: FogBow!!

Over the weekend we had frightening weather here in the DFW area.
Think severe thunderstorms, tornado alarms, and flash flooding.
In January.
We had a reunion of the participants of the MIT 2016 mission trip
 to New York City on Sunday evening at our church,
 and unfortunately we got caught
in the blinding rain and darkness on our ride home.
At one point, I just burst out laughing because of the insanity
of no street lights along the highway combined with 
the pounding rain that was blowing sideways making it
just very harrowing.

The very next morning, we woke to clearer skies, but some lingering fog.
I was teaching at our homeschool program that morning, 
so I had to get myself and 5 kids out the door with all their stuff.
After the previous evenings excitement, we were all pretty draggy.
We needed a pick-me-up, and fast!!

Imagine my surprise quickly followed by confusion
when I saw this immediately upon driving into the parking lot:

I couldn't imagine what-on-earth we were seeing!!
At first glance, it looked like a white tube of bright light that ended 
at a thick fog.
 It almost struck me as a funnel cloud of some sort, 
and I looked closely to make sure the end points were not rotating.
I had never seen such a phenomenon before so it was almost scary at first.
I snapped pictures with my phone and unfortunately couldn't get back far enough 
to capture the entire perfect arch that went completely over the church building.

I later learned that this rare phenomenon is called a "fogbow."
It is a cousin to a rainbow but caused by sunlight being at the perfect angle
and the droplets of fog being misty fine to prevent the reflection of any color.
You can read more about this here and here.

 What an awesome blessing for the Lord to allow such an amazing
weather phenomenon to happen for us after such
a scary experience!!
We were carried, and protected, and kept safe through an example of His mighty power seen through creation and nature.
Then reminded of His grace and beauty and holiness through this
"white rainbow" right over the place we needed to be that day!
What a gorgeous example of how He reveals His presence to us!!

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