Tuesday, November 1, 2016

National Diabetes Awareness Month: The Diagnosis

Because this is "American Diabetes Month" or 
"National Diabetes Awareness Month," I'm going to be reposting the stories of how
Type 1 Diabetes has impacted our family.....particularly our now 16 year old daughter.
I began this blog just a few months after she was diagnosed in 2009.

**From the archives originally written in June 2009**

Back in February of this year (2009), we received the most life-changing news that, to date, we had ever received. We have moved several times, changed churches twice, purchased other vehicles, added children to our family, but nothing topped this!!

For quite awhile Ashlyn had been having these things happen to her that seemed rather random and without a trigger. It started a couple years ago with her having random vomiting. We couldn't pinpoint anything that caused these episodes, and the vomiting usually happened only once or twice per episode, and she would feel better soon after. Last year, in May 2008, I took her to our pediatrician to have her checked out and mentioned this, but because she seemed healthy otherwise, his only suggestion was to write things down surrounding these events to see if we could determine a pattern or trigger.

Well, within this last year, we added headaches to the mix. Sudden, severe headaches were accompanied by the vomiting almost immediately; then she would feel better. In January 2009, I was talking to our Pediatrician AGAIN about this and he thought he would want to see her before he said for sure we were looking at migraines.

I made the appointment for the following Friday but had to change it to the following Wednesday. That Friday night (we were supposed to have visited the doctor) we had a movie night at home. We had eaten ice cream sundaes before starting the movie, and it jumped out to me that Ashlyn left the room 3 times in the first 45 minutes of the movie to use the bathroom.

That night and the next day she kinda jokingly told us that she had been drinking lots and lots of water lately. Like she couldn't get enough of it. That weekend I noticed she was ALWAYS using the bathroom.....over the top. It also seemed to me that she was looking REALLY skinny. Not just growing and thinning out, but almost bordering on emaciated. By Monday she was waking up with a headache and just having this general feeling of uneasiness, no energy, laying on the couch all morning, and staying inside when everyone else was playing outside.

I'm familiar enough with what we were about to be told to know that these are textbook signs of Diabetes, so I started preparing myself for this when we saw the doctor on Wednesday.

November 2008

Her diagnosis......Type 1 Diabetes.

In retrospect, I would've called and demanded an appointment on Saturday after the movie, but I just didn't realize how serious it was.
I had no idea.
I had no idea that our pediatrician would send us to the hospital.....immediately from his office. He went to so far as to say he really didn't like the idea of us going home to get some things together. It was THAT urgent.
I had no idea what to expect my baby (who was actually almost nine) was about to go through.
I had no idea the freedom that was just snatched from her life.
I had no idea how complicated it was going to be to manage her care.
I had no idea how equipment-heavy our lives would now be.
I had no idea how we would blend this into our already rather chaotic lives.
I had no idea how she would respond to this.

This picture was taken January 19, 2009, still 3 weeks and 3 days from diagnosis.

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