Friday, November 4, 2016

National Diabetes Awareness Month: The Management Techniques (of the Diagnosis)

**Continuing to revisit some archived posts that I wrote when our second child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2009.***
(Wow.  How we've changed our eating plan since then!)

This particular eating plan is very old-school and restrictive, 
but was very useful in training Ashlyn and our family in how
managing your carb intake controls blood sugars.
We eventually moved on to a carb/insulin ratio plan which taught
us the freedom of eating more of what we wanted when we wanted,
but came along with learning that with freedom comes the
necessity for discipline.
Moderation is the key!!!

Okay, so here is where the fun part comes in! Because we have several other children I was concerned how Ashlyn's dietary needs would affect them. We have the normal mealtime challenges that all families have with children, and I didn't want them exacerbated because of the things Ashlyn needs to eat. I didn't want to hear, "Why does SHE get that and I don't?" (complete with the high-pitched whine) Ashlyn also needs to have snacks 3 times per day, which I knew would be delightful to the rest of the children as that meant they would get something too. The only trick there is that Ashlyn can't have more than 15 carbs per snack. So, we've been trying out new foods and snacks that would fit in with Ashlyn's needs as a diabetic, along with keeping the rest of the family cheerful and cooperative, as well as not breaking our budget!! So here are a few things we've come up with: (Oh, and let me insert a disclaimer right here. I realize that almost all of these examples are pre-packaged, convenience type foods. But what a huge challenge to figure out the carbs in most home-made snacks. As I continue to experiment with fresh, healthier foods, I will post those things as well. But for the first time here, I wanted to show the things that travel well, and you can have on hand to grab quickly.)

Here are a few of our favorite "free" foods. A "free" food in the diabetic world is one
that has less than 5 grams of carbs in it, hence, you don't have to count those carbs. So, free. Almost all proteins are free foods, so we've learned to love cheese sticks and hard-boiled eggs. We cannot keep the sugar-free frozen popsicles in our house. Especially with temperatures in the 100+ range at our house now,

 these are GREAT snacks.
We've also had illness in the house, 
and these are a welcomed way to get fluid in them.

These delicious little rice-cake treats we discovered at our new favorite store, Costco.
There are 26 bags per box and you get either chocolate flavored
or a fabulous cinnamon swirl flavor. 

 Each bag has a nice size serving in them for just 16 carbs per bag,
so you feel satisfied with just one bag.
I take these along for snacks on our ride home from church!!

Microwave popcorn is one of the best snacks, because you get a half of a bag for 15 or so carbs. It's very satisfying, visually, because it looks like such a big snack compared to 6 saltine crackers.

Sugar-free pudding has only 8 carbs per 1/2 cup serving. Dollop on some cool whip
and you've got yourself a terrific snack or a dessert! My kids devour this stuff!

Here is a handy little tool for getting in some "dairy-like" beverage without using up a lot of carbs. I use it like a tool; we don't get it every day and it's very thick and filling.
Only 5 carbs per 8 ounce serving.

I found this delicious concoction in the Diabetes Forecast magazine.
2 slices of whole-grain toast
2 Tbs. fat-free cream cheese
A few strawberries sliced nicely
1 tsp. honey
Spread the cream cheese on top of toast. Top with strawberries and drizzle with honey.
49 grams of carbs. Fits nicely in Ashlyn's parameters for 50-55 carbs per meal. Can you say

Do you have any idea how many carbs are in pizza???
I didn't.
Well, it has LOTS!
So I found this brand of pizza at Costco which is a thin crust and has only
26 carbs for ONE-THIRD of a pizza!! ONE-THIRD!! That's a lot of pizza for a 9-year old!! Plus we have enough carbs left over to add in a veggie or fruit on the side!!


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