Thursday, August 18, 2016

Junior Camp 2016~God hears our prayers

Back last fall, when we were first introduced to the idea
of a summer mission trip to New York City, I began praying about
and thinking through the details of such an undertaking.
If I were to go with my two oldest daughters, who would care
for our youngest four children?

I pulled out calendars and talked preliminarily with my husband
and mother-in-law about their schedules.
We thought about farming them out in pairs to friends.
But then, when I began looking at summer time opportunities,
I realized that our church was taking our junior kids {grades 3-6}
to summer camp the exact week my daughters and I would
be in New York City!! 

Thank you, Lord, for working out that detail for me before I knew 
I needed it to be worked out!!!!

For some reason though, this year held much more pre-camp anxiety and tears
for all 3 of my kids who were eligible to go.
They kept waffling back and forth about being happy about
this arrangement which was very unusual for my normally
"social butterfly-like" children.
It was very distressing for me to watch them shed tears every week
about being away from home or having to be around a younger sibling
or night-time fears.

We spent much time in bedtime prayers over this, and as the pictures
show, they decided to try and were very happy the entire week.

My older girls and I hopped a plane to New York City on Saturday.
My junior campers weren't leaving until Monday morning.
That meant I needed to supervise and locate enough luggage for
6 people to be away from home for a week before I left!
Just a little stressful!
Daddy was in charge for the rest of the day on Saturday, Sunday,
and getting the children to their pick-up point on Monday.
He had Monday and Tuesday off, and I had a marvelous plan!!!
In an effort to ease the transition for my anxious junior campers,
why not have Dad and the older brother ride along on the bus to camp,
spend the night, and then ride back home on Tuesday with the bus driver?
This was a win-win plan for our entire family!!

Right in the middle of the week, after my husband has gone back on shift,
I get a call from the camp nurse.
Garrett seemed to have gotten himself into some poison ivy, 
was covered in an itchy rash, and was pretty upset about this turn of events.
He hadn't told his counselor about this the day before when it started itching
and had not slept well all night because of worry and itchiness.
So I'm in Queens, my husband is right in the middle of his work week
working at minimum staffing, and Garrett is miserable.

The last time he contracted poison ivy, his face swelled up like a pumpkin in two days, 
and he ended up on steriods with a steriod cream.
I was kicking myself for not remembering to send that cream to camp
with him for the "just-in-case!!"
I called home to our pediatrician and asked if we
should just take him immediately for a steriod shot at a local clinic,
but they advised me to have the nurse keep the benadryl flowing
and to watch him for dangerous swelling.
Right about that moment, as I'm sitting on the outside stair steps in Queens,
our team leader comes out to take a phone call.
He sees me a little stressed on the phone,
and asks if everything is ok.
After telling him what was going on and the conundrum our family was in
he immediately suggested that we pray at that moment for Garrett's healing!
In a few moments the camp nurse let me know she had given Garrett
some benadryl, put a steroid cream on him that she had, and that he was finally sleeping.

Remarkably, when Garrett woke up a couple hours later, the entire rash was
completely gone!!!!
Maybe it wasn't poison ivy?
Regardless, we saw that as a miracle answer to prayer!!
We were in a bind and needed help!
Everyone around us was powerless to help us too!
We cried out to the God of Heaven to give us wisdom and 
Glory to God for answering our prayers!

Does Jesus care about the little things?
Yes, He does!!

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