Friday, August 12, 2016

Celebrating Two Decades Together

This past April, my husband and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary!
We wanted to splurge on ourselves this year, but a trip to Hawaii or a tour
across Great Britain just wasn't in our budget {we're keeping our eyes on that
last idea for our 25th!!}

So we decided to go back to "where it all began for us."
Our first apartment together!
Our first ministry!
Our first house!!
You get the idea!!

{Our first apartment in Grand Blanc, Michigan!
This is where we brought home our first baby!}

{Our first house in Flint, Michigan!!
I had to snap this picture as we drove past because the owners
were obviously there and we didn't want to look like creepers!
This is where we brought home our second baby!!}

{These kids were in our first youth group together but they
didn't even really pay attention to each other!  I had the privilege of
coordinating their wedding!}

{This girl was in our first youth group too, and she lived down the street from our
first house!}

{We were so excited to get to go back to our first church ministry and to see so
many dear, lovely friends with whom are hearts are knit together!!}

{This young lady was also in our first youth group at this church,
and she came to see us with her family even though
they attend another church now!!  What a blessing to see how God has richly 
blessed her life!}

{This precious lady was our very first Pastor's wife at this church,
and these are her kids!}

{This gentleman was my husband's co-laborer in our first ministry,
and he was also a groomsman in our wedding!!  His sweet wife took my hands
and prayed with me just before I walked down the aisle!}

{This lovely lady was a neighbor to us in our first house, and she is married
to the oldest son of our first pastor.  
She so graciously allowed my husband and I 
to stay in her home for the first night of our trip 
even though her hubby
 was out of the country on a business trip!!  
We had our first babies together and it was so fun to compare
graduation notes of our now grown-up kids!}

{We rented a car and drove to Ohio 
for the last leg of our whirlwind anniversary trip
and stayed in the gorgeous Inn where we stayed on our wedding night!
This is one of my favorite places on earth!}

{It was pure delight to get to share lunch with my Mom the next morning
at our favorite restaurant there on the Sauder Village Complex!}

{We had dinner down the street at the restaurant where our
wedding rehearsal dinner was held!}

{We capped off this day with a visit to the best soft-serve ice cream shop 
in the area that serves ice cream as tall as your face!!}

{We stopped in to see my sister......

......and we got a tour of the local Sheriff's department!}

{How fun to have my Mom's birthday celebration dinner while we were there
and to spend some time with both my parents as well!}

Best trip ever and so much fun reminiscing over all the blessings
that the Lord has poured out on our lives over the last
20 years together!!!

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