Friday, July 22, 2016

Mission Trip 2016 ~ New York City {Part 2}

On our second morning in Queens,
 our mission team hopped aboard the subway train
(which we did every day multiple times a day)
and finally walked the remainder of the way to the church that would be
the base for our ministry that entire week.

Parking is almost non-existent here and most people drive on Saturday to get their groceries and go to events, and will park it for the rest of the week and take the trains to work every day, or walk!

Once at the church, our lady sponsors would meet in the kitchen where
we would begin lunch preparations for the rest of the team.
What fun I had getting to make up yummy desserts while the rest of the teens
had more training sessions with the local missionaries before we split up into our 
teams for the afternoon of evangelism.

After lunch this first day, our team walked into Brooklyn to team up with Pastor Josh Byrd

Pastor Byrd gave us a walking tour of his community and told us about the Muslim and Hindu people groups that walk in darkness without the light of Christ in their lives.  They are kind neighbors
to he and his wife, but very entrenched in the traditions
 of their culture and religions.
He took us to several street corners where we passed out cards inviting people to his church
and engaging them in conversation.
We all learned fairly quickly that building a church in a community such as this takes perseverance
and a willingness to connect with your neighbors.
We were so impressed with how many people already knew him simply because he and his wife walk their dog every evening to meet people in their neighborhood and to put themselves out there.
Ashlyn had never done anything like this before, 
and it was totally out of her comfort zone.
She soon found her niche though and that inviting strangers to church
really isn't all that scary.
Not everyone took what we were offering, but she learned to be ok with that too.
Mission work takes time and often the fruit seems meager.
But that is not what we're called to.
We are simply to plant the seed.
Make disciples.
Let God bring the increase.

The Light of the World is Jesus.

Our ethnic food adventure for this evening was Thai food.
Although I did not get pictures of the food I can assure it there were lots of noodles
and it was all delicious!!

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