Tuesday, May 24, 2016

That's a wrap!! Celebrating the end of the school year!

So this has been a BIG school year for us!!
So much growth and........drum roll please.......

Schoolwork wrapped up three weeks early for these two hard workers!!
They busted their tails finishing up what they had on hand, 
and because they were already working in next year's Paces,
we just let them be done!!!
They were thrilled to get to sleep in while the rest of their siblings
got up and went off to work for the morning!!

This girl also busted her tail to get her high school work finished in the nick-of-time!!
She started the year needing to complete TEN courses all while working.
Her employer loves her so much that not only is she a crew leader,
but she's now training as an assistant manager!

To celebrate the very last day of school, they all got to forego their standard daily
uniforms and have a water war!!!

They had such a blast and made tons of fun memories in the process!!!!

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