Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our first homeschool graduate {Part 4}: Graduates Sunday!

  We wrapped up Lexi's graduation weekend with a special day of recognition
at our church the day following her graduation and reception.
It was a lovely time of honoring all the 2016 graduates in our church.

Each graduate was recognized in the morning service and given a beautiful daily planner.
This picture was taken from my perch in our church choir, so it's difficult 
to see Lexi except for her red hair!!

After the morning service, each graduate and their family were treated to a catered lunch
in our church gymnasium.

Later that evening, there was another reception with more cake and each graduate
had a table set-up to display their accomplishments.
It was a wonderful way to share with our church family all the wonder of this occasion!!

Keep living for Jesus, Lexi!! 
He has wonderful plans for you!!

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