Monday, May 30, 2016

Our first homeschool graduate {Part 3}: Planning a homeschool graduation reception

**Warning:  Lots of pictures ahead!!**

I have to be honest and say at the get-go here that planning
this after party was way more stressful than planning
 our daughter's homeschool graduation ceremony.
Where I grew up in the Midwest, it is customary to host
a "Graduation Open House" to celebrate your high-schooler's graduation.
Typically, every Saturday in June was spent driving around to 2, or 3, or more
open houses usually hosted in the home of the graduate.
It could be a simple cake and punch affair, but traditionally is a lavish soiree
complete with several entrees, side dishes, and desserts served for all the guests that reflected
the taste of the graduate and their family.
I've seen some families spend months planning activities and remodeling or redecorating
their homes in preparation for this big event.
Family members help out with the preparations and help provide potluck-type food
or homemade desserts, and set-up outdoor tents, tables, and chairs.

That is so not a part of Texas culture.
Don't get me wrong here.
People do have graduation parties.
But certainly not to the extent that is seen in the Midwest.
And certainly not as come-and-go parties in people's homes.

For our daughter's homeschool graduation, I wanted to combine the traditions of the Midwest
where I was raised along with the friendly, "Come on in and sit a spell,"
atmosphere of Texas!!

It took a lot of work and time and planning
and thankfully, on the day before, lots of friends and grandmas
offered to help!!! 

Our menu looked like this:

Slider finger sandwiches (Find the recipe here.)
Veggie trays with dip
Various chips
Fruit bowls (Inspiration found here.)

Chocolate Cake (Costco!!)
Homemade Cupcakes
Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Ashlyn and her neighbor friend chocolate covered dozens of strawberries
and frosted several dozen cupcakes.

This amazing lady {our dear neighbor friend} put together several huge veggie trays for us!
I was so busy setting up the grad tables that I neglected to get pictures of the grandmas working hard
in the kitchen cutting up fruit and putting together the sandwiches to be baked the following day!!

This "Wall of Memories" was inspired by this.

"Jar of Memories" sourced from here.

"Oh, the Places You Will Go" theme inspired by this.



This bike fit the theme perfectly and was our family graduation gift to Lexi!!




We couldn't have been more blessed by the outpouring of love and support from so many
friends who came to be part of such a momentous occasion for our family!!!

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