Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our first homeschool graduate {Part 1}: Planning a homeschool graduation ceremony

The Graduation Day of Our Daughter
Alexis Noelle Brough

 How do you put into words a day that was 14 years in the making?
A day that at certain points in time I had my doubts we would ever see.
How do you put into words the Grace of God that allowed such a moment?
The accomplishments.

We worked for weeks to craft an event that would express what our hearts could not speak.

 Our very handsome door-greeter and program hander-outer.

The Dad who was intent on keeping everything running on time.

We were so very honored to have my Mom fly in from Ohio to attend this momentous family
occasion and to play the prelude and processional for Lexi's graduation.
Very dear friends from near and far came to share in our joy!!

 Just before "Pomp and Circumstance".....

Lexi asked that the administrator of our homeschool program begin with a general greeting and a time for all our guests to shake hands and introduce themselves.

Then came the reflections from Dad......

.....followed by reflections from Mom.

Lexi's Dad spent many hours working on a power point presentation that we called
"A Pictorial Transcript" of her life and adventures as a school girl.

 Reflections from the Graduate

 Our Pastor came and challenged us all with a powerful charge from the life of Jesus
taken from John 2.
"Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it."

The Presentation of Diploma

Prayers of Dedication by Dad....

 .......and our precious Pastor.


 Alexis Noelle Brough
2016 High School Graduation
Summa Cum Laude

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