Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fun sewing project #7: Beginning Quilting

 The last several weeks have been such a blur, 
and now I'm playing catch-up.
So much has happened that I want to journal!!

Our final sewing project for my Family and Consumer Science 
Homeschool Co-op Class  was a doozy!!
It took just about 3 weeks for us to finish this project, but we had so much fun in the process.

 We had a lovely guest teacher come in to show us the basics of this
home arts textile craft and she brought lots of goodies to share.
She made these adorable rag baskets {pictured above}
 for each of my students and myself out of scraps
of fabric she had collected.
She showed us lots of examples that she was working on that were so very
inspirational to us!!


 The girls learned about choosing colors to have a color co-ordinated finished product.

 The girls learned how to use the rotary cutter to cut strips of fabric and 
then their squares.

 They had fun deciding which pattern they wanted for their quilt piece, and
making sure all the directionals went in the same direction!!!

 Pressing, pressing, and more pressing!!

 It was so exciting when the top of their quilts were finished,
and we could begin to see the reward of all that hard work!!

 Learning the basics of machine quilting:  The "stitch-in-the-ditch!"

 This project was pretty intense for these girls,
and they were all delighted with their finished pieces!!!

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