Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Women's Wellness Wednesdays: Abundance Soaps

We've had so, so much celebrating here in the month of April.
Several weeks ago was my husband's and my 20th wedding anniversary!!
{More on that in the days to come!}
We decided intentionally to splurge on ourselves this year
 and took an amazing trip back "to where it all started for us."
I grew up in Northwest Ohio and ultimately that's where we married.
We traveled back there and saw our first apartment and our first house
and visited with lots of friends and family. 
It was a blast.
But, as I mentioned, more on that later.

During one of my last visits to Northwest Ohio, my Mom mentioned
that a friend of mine who I knew from church youth group day's
now produced these wonderful homemade soaps.
I found some at my favorite spot on earth, Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio.
I picked up a couple and just fell in love!!!
These soaps are made from just the most delightful ingredients
and they lather up beautifully!!
When I was home again for our anniversary, I snagged a couple new scents.
I was delighted with the "Warm Apple Cake" because I used to go to
elementary school with the owner/operator of Johnston's Fruit Farms!!

I love seeing how Karin has grown into an amazing entrepreneur 
with amazing products that are "wildly popular"
all across the Northwest Ohio area!!
I love how she has run with this business
 and created an entire line of products that are
pure and natural and crafted from ingredients right out of her backyard!

You can buy some for yourself at her website:
Abundance Soaps

While you are looking around at all the great products she offers,
be sure to click on the "Our Story" link for how she got started and how
she came up with the name of her business!!
I LOVE it!!

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