Monday, April 4, 2016

The Living Last Supper: Rehearsals

Rehearsals began at the beginning of February.
I met with groups of three men at a time on Sunday afternoons,
until the middle of March.
We did ensemble rehearsals from that point on.

Our tech rehearsal in the middle of the week before Easter presented the most challenges.
Not every cast member could be there,
 and our audio guys were trying to integrate several
new wireless omnidirectional wireless lavalier microphones.
Integrating 12 cast member microphones together along with sound 
for our muscicians and choir and pastors was a daunting task.


 {On this particular evening,  our cast member playing the part of Jesus was not 
there right at the start of rehearsal.  Garrett saw a need there and jumped right in as the understudy!}


{This was Garrett's rendition of what he was observing at our dress rehearsal.  Notice how he started
out putting all the choir members neatly in their rows at the upper left, but quickly decided there were too many choir members to fill in so neatly.}

Our lighting designer wasn't able to join any rehearsals 
until dress rehearsal morning,
and he still had lots of work to do before final performance the following evening.

Dress rehearsals went almost flawlessly {with the exception of a few bugs to work out with the sound and lighting} which isn't always the best thing.
Experienced directors understand that often when dress rehearsals are a disaster,
the real performance often turns out beautifully.
We had terrific dress rehearsals, and left the final performance in God's hands
to bring all glory to Him!!

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