Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Living Last Supper: Preparation

Sometime during Christmas break, late in December 2015, 
I had a planning meeting with our church's Music Minister.
We discussed the upcoming year and special events we would be hosting
that could be enriched with drama.

During the Easter season of 2015, I had attended a presentation of  "The Living Last Supper"
at a local church in our little town.
It had absolutely moved me and I just knew we needed to adapt this for our own
faith community.

When I presented this to our Music Minister, he was on board and we started preparing
for Easter 2016 almost immediately.
I have a great passion for sharing the story of Jesus Christ through the mediums of drama and music,
 so I was just thrilled to be involved with this project!

The very first thing that has to happen is a cast needs to be chosen and willing to commit
to the time needed for rehearsals and performance dates.

Assembling a cast of 13 men of the right age, who are available, and who are open to growing their hair and beard can sometimes be tricky,
but in this case it was fairly simple as the men I asked were eager to participate!
{Most of them, anyway.}

I made up a rehearsal schedule for the next 2 months and we were off!!

We were using inspiration from Leonardo DaVinci's painting of the Last Supper and needed
a table long enough for this presentation.
I spoke with a gentleman in our church who is a master builder
and in no time he had built 6 saw horses to replicate the primitive look of the table in the painting.

Just as we were beginning our weekly group rehearsals, 
the Lord brought to my mind
(I know without doubt it was a Divine reminder)
 an amazing quilt we have seen in years past
depicting Leonardo DaVinci's "The Last Supper" painting.
The creators and owners of the quilt just happen to live right in our area,
and after several phone calls, I was able to track them down and speak directly to them!
They just happened to travel all over the world with this quilt,
and they just happened to be available to set up their quilt for display
at our church on Easter Sunday!!! 
It was such a God thing to add another amazing dynamic to this presentation!!
You can read more about this quilt here.

I wrestled over the tableware in the painting as it is from the perspective of a 15th century Italian Renaissance painter instead of a realstic portrayal of the 1st century upper room meal depicted in the Gospels.  After consulting with an educated theologian in our church who is a master of Bible translation, the practical side of me settled on commissioning a potter (also in our church) to make us earthenware pottery for the tableware.  Now we have lots of sets of dinnerware for future dramatic productions!!

Another big project that needed to happen was the assembling of our stage extensions.
In 2014, we asked some incredibly talented men in our church if they could construct extensions
to our existing platform space to give us more room for the grand presentation we did of
The Centurion that year.  It offered us lots more floor space, and because they
are reusable we have them for other church events as well.  

Everything was coming together so beautifully for this amazing dramatic presentation!!!

{To be continued}

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