Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring break fun: Celebrating another birthday

Our sweet Abby turned 12 years old the same week that my husband and I
left for 3 days for our couples retreat!
On her actual birthday we celebrated her quietly as a family.

But this year, this tweeny-girl asked if she could have a sleepover party
with some of her friends.
She rarely asks for anything for herself, so I knew that this was something she
had been thinking about for awhile and really desired to happen.
The earliest time we could schedule it was the week after her birthday
during spring break.
She is always cost conscious and didn't want us to have to spend a lot
of money, so she planned a fun evening of dinner at Cici's Pizza......

........pigging out on fun movie theater type snacks....

......and watching movies crashed out on the living room floor!
We watched "Max" which we gave 5 stars!!!!

These girls were so sweet and quiet and aware that Abby's Daddy had 
to go to sleep early and leave very early for his shift at the police department!
They all got along beautifully and we had a blast!!


Donna said...

I can't believe Abby is twelve years old. Sorry this is so late, but Happy Birthday, Abby!

benilhalk said...

Such a cute birthday party! Loved watching these photographs here. Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I will be hosting a fun party on my daughter’s 6th birthday at one of garden event venues. Really want, everything to be perfect there.