Thursday, April 14, 2016

Grant's 14th Birthday

Our family celebrates a lot of birthdays in the month of April.
Our oldest son turned 14 this year.
One thing I have noticed as my children are growing up is that they
aren't as high maintenance when it comes to celebrating their birthdays.
In fact, this guy really didn't want to do much at all.
My husband and I had just returned home from our anniversary trip two days before
his birthday, and a very dear friend of mine passed away rather suddenly only the day before.
My mind really wasn't able to plan an elaborate shin-dig for him, but he seemed rather relieved.

Historically, when our girls turn 11, I take them for a special overnight
to talk to them about "growing up," how their bodies will be changing,
and why those things are an inevitable part of our lives.
I give them a lot of important, sensitive information so I
take them away from listening ears of younger siblings.

This year, my husband and I felt that our oldest son was ready to handle
some of that information.
We really want to be the ones to give our children an understanding of God's
design for our bodies and relationships with the opposite gender before
their friends or the media give them a skewed view of Biblical marriage.
So, for Grant's birthday this year, he got a special overnight with his Dad.

They talked about the things they needed to and also spent some time
at a Texas Rangers baseball game.
Just Dad and his son.

Raising children with a Biblical worldview is no easy task.
Not in today's media crazed age.
It takes time and planning, but the end result is so worth it!!!

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