Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fun sewing project #5: Easy peasy skirt

In March, after my sewing class finished their burp cloths,
we took at trip to our local shelter for homeless, pregnant Moms and
donated our burp bloths and baby blankets.
You can read about that here.

The following weekend I came down with strep throat
and subsequently missed class the following Monday.
Our next class day was cancelled due to the fact that I was
on a couples retreat get-away with my husband,
and the following week was spring break!!

It wasn't until the last week in March that we were able to get back at our sewing machines,
and we had a delightful guest teacher come in to teach us how to make
easy, flared skirts.

We had such a great time with this project!!

Some of the new skills these girls explored included:

Learning to measure themselves for a garment
Cutting fabric using their measurements
Using a serger to finish edges
Making an elastic casing
Threading elastic using a bodkin
Machine stitching a hem

These girls worked diligently and were just delighted with their finished projects!!

 We were so blessed by the sweet teaching of Mrs. Costigan
and her example of a busy homeschooling Mom who uses her talents
and skills by training the next generation!!
Thank you, Mrs. Costigan!!

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Donna said...

The skirts turned out nicely. Such a good skill to have today. Mrs. Costigan makes fantastic clothes for her girls. They always look so cute.