Friday, January 1, 2016

Favorite Memories of 2015

What a blessing 2015 was.
We have so much to be thankful for!
The Lord kept us from so many awful things,
and provided some wonderful opportunities that enriched
and nurtured the hearts of each one of us.



This girl gave me a fun makeover for a date night to celebrate my birthday.
She also traditionally made my birthday cake.

We had a lot of fun during a week long ice event that came through our area!


This girl celebrated her 11th birthday and her Daddy took her on a shopping trip
to buy a special, new dress and shoes.

My hubby and I got away for a fun weekend "Couples Retreat"
at Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana!!


My honey surprised me in my classroom for our 19th wedding anniversary!

Ashlyn's 15th birthday

Grant's 13th birthday

Lexi's first mission trip this year was to the Islands of the Philippines!!


Garrett's 9th birthday

Our annual, lovely Mother-Daughter Banquet
at Worth Baptist Church!


Lexi's second missions trip to the country of Guatamala!


Abby had great adventures at Junior Camp at
Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana.

I had the privilege of being an adult sponsor again this year for teen camp
at Southland Christian Camp.

All the children had a blast at Vacation Bible School
at our church again this year!!


I had the amazing opportunity to go on a road trip with three of my children (who didn't get to go last year) back to Ohio for a visit with my parents.

We were able to see my sister,
and have some awesome adventures!!!

We started our second year at the 
Galilean Baptist Homeschool Assistance Program.....

.......and Lexi turned 18!!

There was also a fun trip to see the Texas Rangers
play baseball in Rangers Stadium.


The same weekend that my husband took our children to his family reunion,
I was preparing to perform in am amazing Missions Drama at our church
in conjunction with our International Food Festival.
It was simply an amazing, inspirational event!!
This is the cast of Bridge of Blood.


Fall festival

Poor Garrett woke up with a nasty reaction to poison ivy
while I was away on my annual Ladies Retreat
at Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana.
Daddy was a trooper and took good care of him!


We had the privilege of serving a meal to the homeless at
the Union Gospel Mission again at Thanksgiving!

This girl got her senior pictures made......

......and we updated our family pictures!!


At this year's visit to Bethlehem Revisited, Garrett was chosen to sit on the back on the
enormous camel, and he thought he was a celebrity when that massive animal stood up!

Our three youngest performed in the Junior Choir Christmas Presentation
at Worth Baptist Church....

.....and I had the opportunity to direct and perform in our Adult Choir Christmas Program!!

We celebrated Christmas together again on Christmas Eve,
and had such fun making lovely memories!!

I'm really looking forward to 2016 because, as a friend of mine stated:

" I expect turbulence on Flight 2016 but as the boarding process begins, I know that the same pilot that safely landed Flight 2015 is the Captain of Flight 2016 and I trust HIM. So as I buckle up and prepare for Flight 2016 to take off, I'm blessed to be surrounded by people I love! I'm in the correct seat and headed in the right direction. I'm at peace and looking forward to the journey!"

To God be the glory!!! 

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