Thursday, January 28, 2016

A super fun first sewing project: Travel Toiletry Roll-Up

If you had told ever told me in my past life that I would grow up and teach
sewing to other people,
I might have laughed at you.
But it's funny how the Lord works in your life, gently leading
and changing your heart over time.
I never imagined myself ever teaching high school students
but I've grown to enjoy it so very much!!
The surprise has been on me!!!
What a joy our homeschool co-op has been and 
oh, the things I've learned about myself that I never knew I would want to do!!

Last fall I had the awesome privilege of teaching a a Family and Cosumer Science Course to a small group of 5 high-school girls in our homeschool co-op. 
We focused on Beginning Foods last semester,
and this semester we are focusing on Beginning Sewing and Crafts.
My senior girl fulfilled all her elective requirements with last semester's
course, so she is not joining us for sewing class.

Last fall I began looking for inspiration for easy, beginner sewing projects
that would be fun for teen girls.
When I found this one (click for link,)
I knew I had found what I was looking for!!

I purchased a pack of 24 excellent, hotel quality washclothes at Costco for $10.
On the second day of class, we took a field trip to Hobby Lobby
to buy supplies for the personal sewing kits as well
as to pick out the ribbon they wanted to use for this project.

Some of the skills learned with this project include:

Machine threading and bobbin winding
Machine straight stitching and control
Measuring and marking your project for sewing
Pinning techniques
Matching thread and ribbon to fabric

You can tell by their smiles how much fun we had with this project!
They each got to make one for themselves, 
and we even had enough left over to make several for a craft sale that
will benefit our school later this semester!!

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