Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Last year our Christmas revolved around my husband's work schedule which required us to celebrate
on Christmas Eve with our family.
We enjoyed it so much that when his schedule potentially presented problems to us again,
we were happy to once again enjoy all the fun together on Christmas Eve!
This was the last year we will be celebrating in this room as my Mother-in-Law will be moving in 2016.

It has been a long-standing tradition for our family to order Chinese food on Christmas Eve, 
and it just makes everything so much simpler for us!  Plus, it's delicious!!!!!

This guy picked out the necklace I'm wearing because he wanted me to remember
"that he loves me."  Sigh.

This girl simply could not WAIT for her brother to open his gift from her. 
She knew how he had picked this out a long time ago and talked about it all the time.
Each of our children picked a siblings name from a basket and bought a gift for that person.
Not this girl.
No matter that she picked one name.
She kept wanting to back our shopping for each and every sibling!!

After our reservation time was up in the club-room,
we moved the party up to my mother-in-law's apartment where the children played some more
and the girls finished a puzzle with Grandma!

We had such a lovely time together full of fun and laughter.

On Christmas Day, we simply relaxed, took things slow, and remembered 
who's birthday this was commemorating anyway!
We had a delicious lunch together with all our favorites.....

........and then we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

Soon after we had a sweet little surprise visitor who was not quite
two weeks old.
Aryn was delighted!

Because the weather was so very warm on this Christmas Day,
the girls and I took a walk where we spotted some
beautiful Christmas decor that our Loving Heavenly Father scattered
around for us to see and enjoy!!!

Such a blessed time together and lovely memories to carry us into the new year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

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