Monday, October 5, 2015

Spontaneous first field trip of the season: The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

In late August, a friend contacted me and told me she and her family would be in the Dallas area and could we get together?
She was in my Teen Girls Sunday School Class many, many moons ago in Michigan.
I coordinated her wedding before my husband and I moved to Texas in 2000.
Now, she and her husband and their 4 children were traveling to our area. 
You better believe I wanted to meet up with her!!
As we were trying to figure out where would be the best kid-friendly place to go,
she mentioned that the Dallas Arboretum had "Dollar Days" in August!
I had no idea.
Our family has never taken a trip together to this Dallas Gem because it simply is too expensive for a family of 8.
When you add in the parking, it is well-over $100.
But when I found out about "Dollar Days," PLUS the online discount parking pass, we were IN!!

Our three oldest children had an English and Spanish class that morning, but my husband was off this day.  So we loaded up our three youngest for a really fun morning at this beautiful place.
We absolutely loved how interactive and educational the Children's Gardens were and they had an absolute blast exploring everything there!

In August, the admission is only $1 for a reason.  It's hot.
Really hot.
We went as early as we could, but it was just too warm by noon.
I wish we had had more time to see more of the Arboretum,
but we loved every minute of what we could see.
This will definitely be on our list of "places-to-go" next August!!

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