Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Foreign Food Festival

Every year our church hosts a missions conference.
Every year it gets better and better.
When we first began attending Worth Baptist Church, we were incredibly moved.
Oh yeah.  We had been to different missions conferences
in a variety of churches throughout our lives,
but nothing that stirred our hearts like this one.

My children are exposed to what is happening in global missions in an
interactive way they never have been.
They get to learn about different countries they have never been to.
Meet and interact with families who are actually going to or are currently in these countries.
They are gaining an appreciation for the life and ministry of missionaries, and are seeing ways that they can actually participate in missions!
They are learning that all believers are a part of the body of Christ and we all have different skills and different purposes and that by all working together, we can advance the kingdom of God and share His Gospel of Good News around the world!
They are learning how they can tangibly be the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and dying world!
I wouldn't trade this education for anything!!

This year we tried something completely new and different, and it was amazing.
Amazing in how our church people just gave and gave and created and worked together to reach the community and bring people locally in to hear the Gospel and to see the need for Jesus in every country, every language, every culture.

On Saturday evening of the missions conference, we hosted a Foreign Food Festival outreach event.

Each Sunday School class in our church chose a country to display.
We dressed in authentic clothing and prepared indigenous foods to share.

{The table sponsored by the "Homebuilders" Sunday School class my husband and I lead}

Ghana, West Africa
{My teenagers's Sunday School class}



{This was Aryn's Sunday School class}

{Garrett and Abby's Sunday School class table/booth}


{Our delightful, Jesus-loving Spanish ministry's table}


{Our Reformer's Unanimous class booth}



El Salvador


Our church people didn't really know what to expect as we were preparing for this event.
But we prayed for weeks for hearts to be moved, for sights to be set outside of their own little bubble world, to break down the walls of fear and indifference from a lack of familiarity with other cultures.

It was amazing.
God's people pulled together and it was exciting to experience the love for the Lord and reaching people in other lands all crammed together in one big gymnasium!

I want to go now.  And see with my own eyes.
I want to reach these people who really are no different than my own.
I pray my children will also.

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