Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Savoring those last bits of summer

As the sun gets hotter and nearly takes your breath away with it's heat,
and the days sort of start to drag along because we've done 
just about everything you can do on summer break,
we gladly look forward to this annual treat with Grandma.

"Bingo with your Grandkids" brings out the bored, the sleepy, those yearning to break free
from the bondage of the air conditioned indoors to the gathering area
inside my mother-in-laws senior living apartments.
And what fun it is.....every year.

Who doesn't enjoy the thrill of the five matching numbers and the winning of the prize?

Everybody is winner.
Nobody goes home empty-handed.

The afternoon begins in the "in-house" movie theater with a fun kids movie and popcorn.
After that's over, the games begin.
This fun event is always capped off with ice cream sandwiches,
and everyone goes home a winner!!!
Especially Grandma!!! 

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