Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A tale of two birthdays

Once upon a time........

Two brothers celebrated the completion of yet another voyage around the sun.
The oldest brother was celebrating his 13th trip.

 He was not a very materialistic chap, and could only think of one thing that he reeeeeeally
wanted for this momentous birthday.

The other brother was celebrating his 9th trip around the sun.
By the time his birthday rolled around in late May,
the rain had been coming,
in record amounts.

This guy didn't have a lot of requests either, but he DID ask specifically for a special lunch.
We ran through raindrops.

These were the last two birthdays of our family's spring "birthday season,"
and though we couldn't go swimming in May on Garrett's birthday as in other years
because of the massive rain and flooding all month, we were excited for the things
to come for these boys in the upcoming summer!!!!

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