Friday, May 8, 2015

What our high schooler is up to

Some 17-year olds like to participate in band at school because they are passionate about the instrument they play.
Others love the exhilaration of athletic competition.
So they compete in high school soccer, or baseball, or softball, or football.
They start driving........

some get a job......

others help out at community volunteer organizations.

Two  years ago, as our oldest started up her freshman year of high school, she was presented with an amazing opportunity.
The youth group at our church took a mission trip to Ghana, West Africa.
She wanted to go.
We swallowed down our fears and hesitations and let her go.

You can read about her journey there here.

Last summer another opportunity opened up for her to go to the mountains of Mexico.
She went with a veteran missionary who grew up on the mission field there and who took his daughter with him, our daughter's friend.

Lexi loves to study language and cultures.
Next year, her senior year, she will be taking her 4th year of Spanish.
She couldn't wait to try to use some of that on the field in Mexico.

These have been life-changing events for her.
They are shaping her future.

They are shaping ours.

This year, right now, as I'm writing this, our girl is in on the Philippine Islands in Manila.
Our church now takes two short-term missions trips every year.
When she heard the trips in 2015 would be to the Philippines and to Guatamala,  she immediately asked if we would allow her to do both.


Another deep breath.
We trusted the Lord who put this in her heart, and He has supplied in the most miraculous of ways.
She sold some art and wrote some letters and God supplied!!
Both trips paid for by April 1!!!
Pure miracles.

More to come.......

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