Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring break 2015

Our "Spring Break" this year took place the week leading up to Easter!
I LOVED it!!
I'm not shy about admitting that Easter has become my very favorite Holy Day of the year,
and I was delighted that we had that time to really reflect on the extraordinary gift of salvation we are because of Christ's death on the cross, and His subsequent resurrection.
I want my children to be able to distinguish between spring themes like bunnies, baskets, chocolate candy, and jelly beans from Resurrection Sunday.
I want them to be able to fully embrace the joy we have in being the Easter People.
In being able to live out a changed life because of His power over death and sin!!

So we spent the week reflecting on these things, and intentionally looking for glimpses of new life.
Those things that remind us how as unbelievers, we were living with spiritual death, but how God brings life and joy out of those dead places!

{Warning:  Lots of pictures ahead!}

We spent time sharing an amazing grilled meal at a new friend's home.

We spent one afternoon at the zoo!

On Thursday morning, we went on a nature hike specifically looking
for things newly brought back to life!!

{Here's one!!}

{And another!}

{And another!}

{And another!}

On Thursday evening, my two oldest girls (who also happen to be in my Drama Class at our
homeschool co-op) attended this really lovely musical drama about the Last Supper.
We heard a short monologue from each "disciple" and pondered our own hearts as each one
asked, "Lord, is it I?"

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