Thursday, April 9, 2015

Resurrection Sunday 2015

We woke up Easter Sunday to the sound of rain pounding on our roof,
but we didn't let that dampen our spirits or steal our joy!

Doesn't everybody have a picture like this once in a while?
The one with the unhappy child who doesn't want to wear a suit and tie,
even after agreeing to it earlier in the week,
even on the Sunday morning we are celebrating?

At least he cooperated enough to join his family!!

Last spring, in March 2014,
our youngest fully understood her need for salvation from her sin nature.
That sin that requires eternal separation from Her Heavenly Father.
She asked Jesus to forgive her and to be her Savior.

But after that decision, when we began encouraging her to think about being baptized,
she refused.
Think tears.
Not in anger or defiance, but tears of fear and anxiety.

Christ never forced anyone to follow Him.
Neither would we.

But we talked with her about what would happen....

.......what motivates us to be baptized..... it pictures our dying to self, our dying to following the world.....
.....and burial of that old life.

.......and our new, eternal life found in Him.
Our new life resurrected and to be lived for Him!!

We prayed for the Lord to take that fear away and for her to want to obey Him because she
loved Him and is so thankful for her salvation.

It took nearly a full year of conversations with her before she randomly blurted out to me in the car
"Mom, I think I'm ready to be baptized.  I'm not afraid anymore.
When can I do it?"

The following Sunday we spoke to our Pastor and began looking at dates available.

The first Sunday open was Easter Sunday.


What a delight it was for our whole family to watch her step so confidently into the water that day.
What a perfect day to remember the joy we can have in the security of knowing we
have our sin forgiven,  our conscience is at peace with God, and that
we have eternal life in Heaven because of this new life!!

{Aryn with our very kind Pastor and his wife,
Dr. and Mrs. Willie Weaver}

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Donna said...

Aww. This little girl holds a special place in my heart. We were so happy to see her baptized. I know you are feeling very blessed.