Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A new 15-year old

April, historically, keeps us busy.
We celebrate no less than 3 birthdays in our immediate family,
2 birthdays in our extended family, 
 and our wedding anniversary in a 12-day span of time.
Toss in Resurrection Sunday some years during that two weeks
and it seems we're celebrating a different event every day!!
We sort of think of it as our 2nd "Christmas season."

Our second daughter celebrates her birthday first.
This year she turned 15.

Not unlike any other family in the world, it is very obvious to us how
much each of our children are unique and different from each other.
They all have the same parents, the same set of genes to pull from,
yet none of them are alike or even close in personality to the others.

"There is one glory of the sun,
and another glory of the moon,
and another glory of the stars:
for one star differs from another star in glory."

~ I Corinthians 15:41

When I stand and gaze up at the black sky, full of stars,
and take in the wonder of the galaxy as a whole,
it initially looks like a great swath of identical creations.
Each very similar to it's neighboring, shimmering, celestial body.

But even our Intelligent Designer's diary, His guide book reveals to us
that each star is uniquely different from the other.
They each have a different purpose, a different design.
Each is a glorious, breathtaking star, yes.
But each has it's own characteristics that make it irreplaceable in the picture as a whole.

Our second daughter has a charm and sweetness that is all her own.
She has a curiosity about the world around her that none of her other siblings have.
Her calm and gentle nature attracts those who are not because it has a soothing
effect on them.
She enjoys working with small children. 
She has the patience for that.
She has endured no less than 3 extended hospital stays in her short life
for completely different, random issues,
but she has always handled those times with grace and perseverance.
We can't wait to see what God is going to do with this young lady's life.
He clearly has a design and purpose for it, and is preparing her
to do mighty things for Him!
We have been so blessed to have her as a part of our family for the last
15 years!!
Happy birthday, Ashlyn!!

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