Friday, March 6, 2015

Unexpected intermission

So last week we had the unexpected happen here in north Texas.

It started on the last Sunday evening of February.
The sleet came down in buckets and coated everything.  Monday morning our street looked like this.

We couldn't get out of our driveway.
 So we did not GO to school, but we did get to stay home and do things like this:



 The next day weather and road conditions were not much better.
In fact, they were slipperier and even more treacherous.
So, we did more of this:

{We made homemade "snow" playdough and scented it with peppermint essential oil}

{Our oldest working on her art that she is selling to raise funds for her missions trips this year!)

 {If you haven't checked out the fun at you should!}

By Wednesday, we ended up with snow on top of the ice. 
 An unprecedented third consecutive day off from school!

{This is the "board game" that our 7 year old made.  It comes complete with storage box, game pieces, a rule book, and prizes.  It's called "Aryn and Mom."  Goodness, how adorable!}

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