Saturday, March 7, 2015

Round two: Yet another change of plans

What happens when you face an unexpected change in your routine?
When there is a roadblock on the journey of life?

Do you get frustrated?
Do you get angry at the inconvenience?  
At the change of plans that were not in your plans?

 "But I trusted in thee, 
O Lord, I said, Thou art my God.
My times are in thy hand:"
Psalm 31:15

Do you sit and pout and do nothing using the forced stillness as a cover for ungratefulness?
Do you allow the loneliness to overtake you and allow your mind to be filled with anxiety and depression and self-pity?

"When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, 
then thou knewest my path."
Psalm 142:3

Worry is nothing more than denying the existence of God in your life.

Instead of fussing over being made to stay put. 
Instead of complaining over an unexpected delay or detour.
Why not look for the gifts.
Not in a Pollyanna, Disney-fantasy, kind of way, but realistically.
Look for the beauty around you in His amazing creative genius found in nature.

Look for that person the Lord intended for you to meet and minister to.  Who's problems are way worse than yours!
Look for an opportunity to create something. 
To simply enjoy the quiet moments.

Use the time to expand your skill base.  To learn something new.  Broaden your horizons.

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Wintry weather that keeps us in is pretty unusual here in Texas.
We average about 1 bad day of winter a year.
So when we experienced our 5th day of school/business closings of the year this week, it caused me to do more than just pause.
When life comes to a grinding halt, use that as an opportunity to reflect.
To be grateful for all you have been blessed with.
Then share it.
Be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around you.
Open your hands and allow the abundance that God has lavished you with pour out of your hands into the lives of those He has brought into your path.
I'm preaching to myself.
I don't always handle interruptions in my day or my week with these thoughts in mind.
Our wintry weather this year reminded me that God often has much bigger plans for our day than we do.

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