Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday Abby!!

This spring, our 3rd, only brown-eyed girl, celebrated her 11th trip around the sun.
We had so much fun getting ready for her special day.

The week before her birthday, there was a small party for all the March birthdays at our little school and she enjoyed being one of the guests of honor.

Her birthday was actually on a school day this year, so we took in some treats to share with all our friends during our one break of the morning.

One tradition that started with our oldest daughter is that her Daddy wanted to take her out special on her 11th birthday (why 11 was chosen I cannot remember!) and buy her a special outfit.  This year it was finally Abby's turn.  She picked out the dress and shoes all by herself.
One Easter outfit = CHECK!!!

Her birthday also just happened to be "Free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen Day," and what better way to cap off your birthday than with free ice shared with special best friends!!

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