Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mommy, where are they[now?] {Part 7}

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All spring, the Tutt family was forced to keep their children in public school while continuing to fight for the return of the sibling of the two children they had already adopted.  No one, to this day, can honestly articulate why this child still is waiting in foster care to be returned to the family that calls her their own and has every intention of completing the adoption process.

All summer long they waited to hear from the judge  as to whether or not they would be free from CPS jurisdiction and visits and would be allowed to return to homeschooling their children.  They finally got word at the very end of August.  
That portion of their case was essentially over.  Finally.
They were able to settle back into somewhat a normal routine again.
Except for those Friday afternoon weekly visits with their daughter.
With the child who calls them Mom and Dad, and who was only weeks away from officially being adopted when they were unnecessarily yanked from their home.
They can only see her once-a-week.

Everything was moving along slowly in their recovery from this horrific event until the very beginning of December.  Just weeks away from Christmas there was a terrible fire at their home.  It began in the unattached garage near the house.  The flames grew so enormous and so fierce that it destroyed everything in the backyard, the back part of the home, and part of their neighbor's home.
Thankfully, no one was hurt.
But the home was left unlivable.

There was extensive smoke and water damage including large holes punched in walls and ceilings by the first responder's fighting the blaze.
They immediately became displaced from their home.
And they have never returned.
For weeks, they lived in hotels.  With four children.
All the while continuing to "hotelschool" and weekly Friday visits.
Once again, their community of family and friends came together as much as we could to help provide food, clothing, and to help cover the enormous cost of living in a hotel.
There would be no Christmas in their own home.
It was a blessing to be a part of a city wide effort to raise some extra money for them and to collect some pretty awesome gifts for their family!!

By January of 2015, they found another home to rent in another town.
In the meantime, they found out that the adoption case for their child still in foster care had been
unexpectedly dismissed without their knowledge.
Another blow.
Another dragging out of things in the family court system.
You can read a more thorough explanation of that here.

Would you consider praying for this family with me??  
They have been through so much!
2014 was a horrific year for them, but the Lord taught me so very much as we tried to be friends and an encouragement to them.
It changes you when you know someone personally who seems to have struggle after struggle, one on top of the other.
It nearly pulls you out of your comfort zone.
You feel that you cannot sit idly by and hope everything works out ok for them.
Nothing is too small or insignificant.
Especially when you remember that our Heavenly Father is our source of all things and we are just a channel for Him to work through to minister and comfort those who find themselves hurting.

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