Friday, February 13, 2015

Mommy, where are they? {Part 6}

When something traumatic happens in your life, there is usually a lot of buzz surrounding the event when it first happens.
Family and friends often rally around you, hugs and prayers are shared, meals are brought over, money is donated.
But over time, that all fades away.
Eventually, the memory of the traumatic event becomes a thing of the past and life moves on for those around you.
But not for the person who experienced the trauma.
It takes months, sometimes years, to recover and the wounds of that event to heal over.
The scars never go away.

Sometimes, there are more traumatic events that happen, completely unrelated, that only compound the fear and hurt they are trying to recover from.

Our friends (and neighbors) had there children unnecessarily taken from their home in November 2013.
For nearly two months.
They were treated like they were suspect and like they had done something terribly wrong.
This couple had to sit through several excruciating court hearings and step on eggshells with judges, and attorneys, and Guardian Ad Litems, and CPS just to get some of their children back home with them.
Once they were released from foster care, they still had to be under CPS oversight, and had to keep sending their children to public school.

For the rest of the school year.

And what a pain that was.
One of their adopted daughters was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
She had a tethered spinal cord.
She has seizures, and emotional outbursts almost daily as a result of exposure to illegal substances in utero.
She struggles in a traditional classroom setting.
It only took a few weeks of that in the public school before all the school officials agreed they couldn't handle her and that she needed to be classified......get this......

Read more about that here!!

For months they were continually subjected to unannounced CPS visits, family counseling, AND psychiatric evaluation (because who in their right mind would want to take care of so many children?!?!)

This understandably affected the children negatively.
Read about the therapy each of the children needed because of this frightening situation here.

The fight for the Tutt's freedom to homeschool and have their lives back drug out all. summer. long.
As I mentioned before, if I learned anything watching them go through this horrid process, it was that nothing happens quickly in the judicial system.
They were strung along all the way up until days before our local public school started up again in the fall of 2014 before the judge finally decided to let the Tutt's go back to homeschooling their children!!
More information about that ruling and the nonsense that surrounded it can be found here.

Even though it took months, the Tutt's were finally able to return to some sort of normalcy.
No more CPS visits and now they could stay home and do their schooling!!
But how much "normalcy" is it really when one of your biological children has gone to live with his biological father and rarely has visits, the sibling of two of your adopted children who you were in the processing of adopting is still in foster care, and another boy you planned on adopting was taken back to his biological parents {who had abandoned him} and you haven't seen or heard from him since he was snatched from your home nearly a year ago?
In the meantime, you still have only weekly visits for 2-hours with your child who is still held captive in foster care by CPS!!  And that process is being drug out in court as well!!
Really?  How "normal" can it be?

Is it all over yet?
Not on your life.
You won't believe what happened next!!!!

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