Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mommy, where are they? {Part 4}

They're baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!
We were so very excited that our friends {and neighbors} children were finally released from foster care and allowed to return to their own home!!  We couldn't wait to see them!!

{If you're just joining this story you can read where these precious children had been taken to here.
For parts 1,2. and 3 click here, here, and here.}

But just because the children were allowed to return home, didn't mean that everything was back to normal.
On the contrary.
The judge had decided that the children never should have been removed in the first place, but now that Child Protective Services had their eyeballs on the situation, they needed to keep on eye on how the children were progressing in their schooling.
They had to stay in public school.
Until it was determined by all parties involved that the children were on track.

Say what?
So you mean to tell me that if you have a child wander away from your house, and the police call CPS because of concerns they have, you might have your children rounded up into police cars and taken from your home for nearly two months?
You might have to sit in a courtroom twice and have every area of your life picked apart and questioned and your parenting choices scorned.
But, eventually, when authorities determine it was all a big mistake ripping your lives apart in the first place, then return some of your children, they can still demand you school your children their way?  They keep control of your right, your freedom, to school your children the way you feel is best for them??
How can that be??

Here is what the Texas Homeschool Coalition had to say about that!

So, not only do our friends have to live through the trauma of being thrown into the middle of the mindnumbing court systems, their children ripped away from them and placed with strangers, but now that they are back home, they still can't truly have their parental rights back?
And we're not allowed to cry foul?
Not allowed to have anything to say about that?

No way.
Not on my watch.
I was not alone in my outrage.
A group of us, with the help of the Texas Homeschool Coalition decided that we had to do something.
We didn't know exactly what to do, but we had to figure something out to draw attention to this abuse of power and ignorance of state homeschooling law.

We decided to go public with this story.  To bring attention to it. To call those in such places of power to accountability.
Here is the beginning of what we did.

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