Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The First Christmas Fine Arts Recital

In the midst of all the other activity of December, 
it was decided in the late fall that our little school program 
would be having Christmas Fine Arts Recital/Open House.
This was something my children had never participated in before, and it really was fun to plan.
Our family has always loved making chocolate covered Christmas goodies to give as gifts,
and we were able to incorporate this tradition into this event.
Not only was each child going to have something to perform,
 but each family got to bring in a favorite Christmas treat to share after the recital.
As we were brainstorming ideas for this, Ashlyn decided she wanted to be in charge of a "Hot Chocolate Bar!"
We spent many hours preparing for this, and it we all loved the collaborative effort.

My drama students were asked to prepare some pieces for presentation, and Ashlyn was part of duo-acting scene.  She worked very hard memorizing her lines and pulling together a simple costume.

Lexi has started taking piano lessons again and this was her first Christmas recital in many years.

There was a Group Bible Speaking performance.......

....as well as the Duo-Acting Team performing a scene from The Gift of the Magi.

After the recital was over, we enjoyed checking out the collection of art projects that each student had completed in their art class over the course of the first semester.

Yummy refreshments!!

This was such a great way to expose all the parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors to the wonderful gift that this school program has been to all the families involved!

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